Evaluating and Consulting

From time to time potential investors ask our opinion on various aspects of the RV and Camping industry.  It is not like we know it all, but over the years (decades, actually) we have personally watched this industry change, and learned a lot from our clients as well; we can pass that infomation on to our clients.

We are happy to assist current owners analyze their Park's present value as well as their potential future worth based upon the possibility of changing factors.  In other words, based on where the property is today vs. where it could be if the owners were willing to make certain improvements and investments in the property.

We are also available to assist our Buyers before they invest as well as after the sale in helping them maximize their investment.  It is our goal to provide whatever knowledge and experience we have to those who have shown us their loyalty and trusted us with their dreams.

Most of this interaction occurs within the scope of our Brokerage activity, however we are frequently asked to consult apart from a direct listing and deal with each request on a case-by-case basis. If you have a need for these services, please contact us and see how we can help you - whether you are buying a campground or selling one.