Sell with the Experts

Your business is a unique industry that most real estate brokers do not understand, and consequently they do not properly present, price, or market Campgrounds and RV Parks. We exclusively sell Campgrounds and RV Parks and have the experience and a track record unparalleled in the industry. We have the buyers as well as the knowledge and experience to properly package and market your park in a manner that will allow you to sell at a fair price.

Certainly we have superb market exposure, however, pretty pictures DO NOT SELL CAMPGROUNDS!  No intelligent buyer will simply fall in love with a park based upon what they see in a pictorial presentation and a few lines of data.  NO, there must be a love match created.  In order for someone to leave their home and travel across the country to preview your property, they must sense that it will be a step toward realizing their livelong dream of campground ownership.  They need a broker who will help them see and understand the current possibilities as well as analyze future potential.

Campground sales is not all about 'sunshine and rainbows!' We pride ourselves in being able to 'think outside the box' when it comes to putting transactions together, which others would have let slip away. 

Give us the opportunity to help you best harvest your investment!  Call us today at (800) 648-1624.