No Fee Listing

Sellers are usually concerned about the amount of cash they need to receive from the sale, but there are times that the right Buyer does not have the funds to cover the Seller's needs while a large portion goes immediately to their Broker.  We understand that in the current market there is a need to be very creative to maximize your investment while tailoring the sale to meet the needs of today's Buyer.  This often means that the cash is limited and dollars must be stretched. 

We have the ability to participate in the financing with you as the Seller and make sales happen that otherwise might not be realized. 



That is the amount of money we have loaned to buyers in just the past 18 years in deferred commissions to help them into parks them might not  otherwise have been able to buy.  

What other Real Estate brokerage can say that?

If you're interested in selling and you don't want all the cash to go to a Broker, call us today to discuss this option.  We will show you have we can help you get moved soon!  Call us at (800) 648-1624.